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Piano lessons for beginners of all age from 4 to adult.


Welcome to Natasha James piano lessons and accompaniment Website.

Here you will find useful information about my services that I hope makes it easier for you to choose me for your piano tuition needs.


I am a classically trained piano teacher with 29 years experience.

I teach pupils of all ages and specialise in teaching children and young people, inspiring and engaging them with an enthusiastic and creative approach to music.
It’s so rewarding to help them develop and see their ability and confidence grow through fun and disciplined learning. 
In this way pupils can truly fulfil their potential and exceed all expectations. 


I have many years of experience of working with adults. Usually I use more intensive program to teach adults. I would be happy to help you to achieve your goal by improving technical skills and perhaps sight reading.

I have a varied repertoire to offer which can be classical or any other style of music that gives you pleasure!

Playing the piano gives a deep and emotional appreciation for all genres of music that my pupils, young and old, will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

I have an interest in a broad range of music and offer various repertoire for playing.


Preparation for ABRSM exams.

Piano accompaniment.


Serving local towns of Hook, Hartley Wintney, Odiham, Basingstoke, and other towns of Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

I work from home.

At this site, you will discover all about my approach to piano tuition.

Fees for this year are as follows:-

Children from the age of 5 - £30 for 40 minutes             

Adolescents & Adults - £40 for 40 minutes    

Assessment fee - £10 

Feel free to browse around this site. If you have any questions about my lessons or need more information, please contact me on 07872 510700  or email



I began piano lessons at age 5, which I think is a good starting point, and then continued studying at Music School.

During Music School, I performed on stage multiple times including at Oktyabrskiy Concert Hall in St. Petersburg and State Academic Capella. I also took part in competitions and graduated with a distinction. 

After college, I was accepted into Saint-Petersburg Music University where I studied classical styles,composers,music theory and conducting.


29 years experience 
BA Degree
ABRSM registered.

CRB approved

My students achieve exam passes with distinction and merit. Children will learn to read music and build technical skills whilst playing the piano, an enjoyable learning experience. Preparation for grades if required.



" I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for my son's piano teacher, Natasha James. Natasha has been teaching my son for several years now. Prior to that he had lessons with another teacher but he stopped as he never trully enjoyed them. Natasha has given his confidence, taught him that it's okay to make mistakes because that's how we learn, and to listen and enjoy the music he plays. She has never taught him by rote, merely turning pages in a book. Each piece of music is carefully selected with consideration to the music that my son would enjoy and that would progress his skill, understanding and knowledge in the world of music.

Natasha has a passion for music that she wants her students to experience too. I am most grateful to her for giving my son a love of music that he will enjoy for life. He plays the piano most days and gets immense enjoyment from it. I enjoy hearing him play a wide range of music.

I attended a concert organised by Natasha. Every student of hers participated and with Natasha's support they all performed well. Not only that, they loved being there. At the end of the concert several parents told me that my son was an inspiration to them and showed what their children could achieve too.

Natasha is not only an inspiration but a lovely person too. I am sure that anyone reading this will not regret having Natasha as a piano teacher.

Yours faithfully,
Alison M.   "

"My daughter began piano lessons with Natasha in September 2015 when she was 7 years old. As I had lessons from a similar age,leading ultimately to completing ABRSM grade 8,I was looking for a teacher who would teach with sound technique from the very beginning of her learning. My first conversations with Natasha very much reassured me in that regard, and she has shown through the lessons that these basic building blocks for the future success are a central part of her teaching. More importantly though,it has not been a chore to apply these as Natasha has made the leaning experience an extremely enjoyable one for my daughter,exposing her to a wide range of musical types and encouraging her to always try her best in her lessons and when practising at home.
Alongside learning to play, Natasha has also brought in learning of basic musical theory using a variety of books and worksheets to stretch my daughter's knowledge, taking into account how busy or tired she was and tailoring lessons accordingly. She is not only an excellent teacher of technique,she has developed my daughter's musicality and her confidence and passion to perform the music, not just play the notes, culminating in her performing at a concert organised by Natasha just 8 months after she first started playing. As she prepares for a second of these events, I continue to be impressed by how much progress my daughter has made since her very first lesson as well as how much fun she has had along the way.
I have found Natasha communicates well with both my daughter and I , which is so important for making progress but also for dealing with the issues arising from availability for lessons due to order extra-curricular activities. Natasha has always been helpful in adapting scheduling to accommodate even last minute changes. She is patient, enthusiastic and kind, is passionate about her subject and that passion rubs off onto her pupils and I thoroughly recommend her as a teacher."

Your faithfully,
Helen B.

" My son Joshua is 5 years old and has been having weekly piano lessons with Natasha James for an academic term. Having learnt to play piano myself and followed the experience through to Grade 8, I have been discerning in my choice of piano teacher and very keen to find someone who could nurture a love for and enjoyment of music, as well as impart sound technical advice.

In Natasha, I am delighted to have found the ideal tutor for my son. Natasha has an immediate warmth and pastoral approach to teaching, which makes her ideally suited to young children beginning their musical journey. I believe her contagious enthusiasm and encouragement are the reason why my son is always so happy to attend his lessons.

Natasha combines nuggets of music theory exercises with the practical finger work. I think this is a very sound approach and has accelerated my son's understanding of rhythm and pitch notation, as well as introducing variety in the weekly sessions and homework.

I am also greatly reassured that Natasha's expectations of what children can achieve are realistic but high, and so progression has been speedier than I had anticipated.

It is a privilege for my son to have his lessons on a grand piano, in an ambient and uplifting space dedicated to music; this contributes to the enjoyment of the experience.

Natasha's communication with parents is excellent. We walk through progress at the end of each session. My son has the opportunity to demonstrate what he has covered, and I am able to see where to place emphasis on practice sessions in the forthcoming week. Natasha is very keen to foster a parent-teacher-pupil partnership in this way.

In summary, I am greatly impressed with Natasha and would recommend her unreservedly to any prospective pupil.

Yours faithfully,
Antonia D. "

" Natasha has taught my daughter piano for 8 years. They have an excellent relationship, Natasha is firm but kind and Jemima respects her and is always keen to impress Natasha, which makes daily piano practise a pleasure rather than a chore.

Natasha understands children and as such is able to get the best out of them, for example involving them in the decision on which music to learn, structuring lessons to suit the individual's character or mood on the day.

She expects a commitment to learn and practise with progress measured against each individual's ability.

Natasha is professional, reliable and flexible.

Your faithfully,
Janice M.   "

" Natasha has been providing piano lessons for our son Thomas (aged 8) for over a year now. Thomas was a complete beginner when he started with Natasha and is now playing reasonably difficult pieces for both hands. We are very happy with the progress that Thomas has made.


Natasha has a great approach with Thomas, she is firm and authoritative but is also approachable and encouraging which works really well with him. She has managed to instil a degree of passion for music in Thomas and has a great sense of humour which chimes well with his cheeky side.


Natasha is punctual and reliable. She is clear about fees and provides helpful invoices which outline the fees paid and the dates covered.


We particularly enjoyed the concert that Natasha organised for all her pupils last year. Thomas was a complete beginner at the time but he was included in the concert and it was incredibly touching for us. We could see that Natasha had spent a lot of time working with the kids to organise and rehearse for the concert and this was all done on her time and at no additional expense to us. We thought it was great for Thomas to see that other kids were also learning the piano and to see how advanced his playing can be with further practice. We were very pleased with the pleased with the concert and very grateful for Natasha's efforts with this.


Overall, we are very impressed with Natasha's teaching style, with the level of commitment and enjoyment she has managed to get out of Thomas, and with the technical skills that Thomas has developed over the course of the year.


We are very much looking forward to continuing Thomas' lessons with Natasha.



Marina and Lee "

"My son Nicholas is now 8 years old and he began piano lessons with Natasha in December 2018
when he was only 5 years old. Since then he is really enjoying Natasha’s classes and he developed so
much in this area – playing with passion and fun now!
Natasha has made his learning experience an extremely enjoyable one – combining the learning with
fun. Over the last 2 years, Nicholas was able to attend his very first Piano concert (in 2019) where he
played 4 songs in front of others being very well prepared, showing confidence and all of that
because of Natasha’s involvement and dedication. Most recently, Nicholas was able and fully
prepared to attend his first piano exam – for Grade 1. Once again, Natasha has showed that she is an
excellent teacher by helping Nicholas to get ready for this exam – building up some confidence that
he didn’t have before.
Our communication with Natasha is very good – always reminding us when the lessons are, also
being very flexible in terms of scheduling to accommodate even last-minute changes.
She is patient, enthusiastic, kind and knows very well how to work even with a 5 years old boy!
Natasha is indeed very passionate about music and her work and I strongly recommend her as a
piano teacher.
We are very pleased with Natasha and will look forward to continuing our piano lessons with her."

Liviu & Nicoleta C. 

" Natasha has been teaching my 6 year old son, Finnlay, the piano for 1 year. We feel very lucky to have stumbled upon her. Natasha is very well suited to teaching young children, she has a fun yet firm manner that ensures that Finn enjoys his lessons while learning and progressing at the same time. 
Natasha is a good judge of character and will adapt her lessons in order to get the most out of Finn on any given day. Natasha expects high standards in her approach to learning which has benefited Finnlay in other fields.
Natasha has proven on many an occasion to be reliable but also flexible and always tries to accommodate any changes to the schedule on my request.
Natasha is generous and patient, calm and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her. 

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs Gemma P. "

" Our daughter Riley who is six years old has been taking piano lessons with Natasha for almost a year.
Riley took to Natasha immediately as her approach with children is amazing. Riley enjoys her lessons and also finds them challenging. Natasha always encourages Riley in a firm but warm manner.

Natasha has a fun approach to the lesson and Riley enjoys the relationship they have. Her passion for music and her understanding of children is portrayed in her teaching. She tailors her approach according to the level of each individual child, and always gives feedback and areas to be worked on for the week.

Although Riley is only six, she understands that there has to be a level of commitment on her part which we help her with at home in terms of practicing. Being a six year old, it's quite easy to get distracted during a lesson but Natasha manages to keep Riley focused. 

Riley is doing well with her piano and we are so pleased with her progress in this short time.

Natasha is very professional and has a wonderful nature.

Yours faithfully,
Maureen P.  "

“ Natasha James has provided piano lessons for my daughters since January 2010.

The girls find her lessons fun and enjoyable. They now play for pleasure rather than purely to pass exams and please their parents!

During this time has been flexible wherever possible when fates have inevitable clashed.


As a teacher she is firm when a lack of practice is obvious, and complimentary when performances are good. Her enthusiasm for her subject has ruffed off on my daughters, who very much still enjoy playing.

Debbi S.”

“ Natasha has taught my seven year old old son, Stephen, to play piano since 2009. His lessons last between 30 and 40 minutes and take place in Natasha's home. Stephen thoroughly enjoys his lessons and is progressing well under Natasha's guidance.

On a personal note I find Natasha to be very friendly and approachable, and she has a great way of putting children in their ease and also of keeping them motivated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Natasha to others wishing to learn to play the piano.

Yours sincerely,

Jane M. “

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs.James for about a year, during which time she has given my daughter piano lessons.

We have found her to be an excellent and inspirational teacher and I would highly recommend her.

Linda H. “

“ I have known Natasha James for approximately 9 months.

During that time she has taught my daughter to play the piano to an extremely competent level. In fact, my daughter is about to take both her grade 1 and grade 2 piano examinations in the next couple of weeks.

Natasha has also accompanied my daughter whilst she has played violin at the Hart Young Musician of the Year competition and also for her grade 4 violin examination.

I find Natasha to be a both a pleasant and likeable person. Whilst she is teaching, she exhibits a calm yet professional manner.

Your faithfully,

Peter A. “

"With both my wife and I having enjoyed playing instruments for many years while growing up, we were keen to give our daughter Lana a positive introduction into the world of music from a young age. Lana started her lessons with Natasha a couple of months before her fifth birthday and has been attending weekly lessons for over a year.

What I am particularly grateful for is how well Natasha has balanced being strict enough to ensure progress is made while understanding the challenges of learning at such a young age.

I believe Natasha's experience has been invaluable in this area. Natasha has high expectations and will confidently let children know what is expected. Music theory is taught at the appropriate level for the age and homework is selected on the needs of the student.

The setting for the lessons in Natasha's home is warm and pleasant with a beautiful grand piano. This is something that is really important to us as I believe the environment is a key element of being engaged in the learning process. Natasha is skilled at making young children feel at ease, challenging them but keeping things fun when needed.

Natasha always takes time at the end of the lesson to give feedback on how the lesson went and what we should focus on at home, taking extra time where necessary to discuss. I feel the only challenge for us is to uphold Natasha's high standards at home, which is something my wife and I have recently resolved to try harder with!

We are very pleased with everything and I do hope our daughter will continue her tuition for many years to come."

Richard T.



    Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, I have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to my Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email me:- or call me on 07872510700. 

What sort of music do you teach ?

    Tell me what you like, and once the basics have been covered grades 1-8 for the younger students, that's what we'll play! I support and encourage all styles of music, and every lesson is tailored to you personally. My own tastes are many and varied and I will do my best to accommodate you.


How long will it be before I can play well ?

    Everyone has musical ability, but it's all about practice, practice, practice. Practice regularly if you want to learn quickly and feel confident. And as with exercise, it's much better to do fifteen minutes every other day than two hours at the same sitting.

How long long is each lesson, and how often ?

    Lessons are half hour to 45 minutes. if you're enjoying what you're doing, the time will fly by. 

How many lessons must I commit to ?

     All of my lessons are individually tailored, and taught on a one-to-one basis. When considering learning the piano I think it's important to meet face-to-face, and without obligation. You are welcome to ask questions and I am happy to answer them. 




2005 Organised a Christmas concert of the pupils for the parents at the St Marys’ convent, Hook.

2006  A second Christmas concert at Elizabeth Hall in Hook.

2007  An Easter concert for the sisters and residents at St Marys’ Convent, Hook

2011  Tuition at St Nicholas Independent School in Fleet, Hampshire.

2015  Concert at Hartley Wintney Methodist Church, all performances by the pupils were excellent and the attendance figures were superb, many thanks to everyone involved.

2016  Summer Concert at Hartley Wintney Methodist Church, thanks to everyone involved.

2017  Summer Concert at Hartley Wintney Methodist Church, thanks to everyone involved.

2018  Spring Concert at Hartley Wintney Methodist Church, thanks to everyone involved.

2019 Summer Concert at Hartley Wintney Methodist Church, thanks to everyone involved.



I am located in Rooksdown,  Basingstoke,  RG24 9WG,  Hampshire.


You are welcome to call me on 07872 510700  if you would like to discuss your requirements



or send an email enquiry to

Image by Louis Smith                 © 2017 NatashaJames PianoTeacher

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